Is Aggie Memorial Stadium in Las Cruces, New Mexico, the home to the NMSU Aggies, the worst football stadium in the United States? That's what one TikTok user posted online that has people in an uproar.

Who called Aggie Memorial Stadium the worst?

The user, urpointofviews, has been posting a series of the worst college football stadiums in the entire United States. In part 7, he included the worst from New Mexico, Aggie Memorial Stadium; calling the stadium very reminiscent of a certain part of a woman's body & claiming that the stadium would be "irrelevant" if it wasn't for one particular Breaking Bad character...


Shortly after the video went up, some people were a just a "tad" upset by its inclusion on the video. Some users were quick to point out its unfair putting Aggie Memorial Stadium because of the mountains around the area; one user said "really tho NMSU really doesn't look that bad tho". Even one person that his cousin plays for NMSU (I'm sure they had a laugh at the video).

Although there were people that DID agree with urpointofviews, claiming that NMSU "does not have enough concessions" & "NMSU the toliet bowl". One person even disagreed saying that if they wanted an even worse stadium, apparently UTEP is one to consider...

Now anyone who's ever been to NMSU knows how historic it is; Steelers fans in particular know that a certain Hall of Fame kicker coached there for many years. If you've never been to the stadium itself, you can see a nice tour around the stadium on YouTube.

I've never been to ever single football stadium so I couldn't agree or disagree that this is the worst stadium in New Mexico; so I'll let YOU decide on that debate.

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