If you enjoy golfing or just like to hit a few at the driving range, you have several options in and around El Paso. Two of the courses in El Paso got Texas Monthly's attention.

El Paso has several golf courses, including Ascarate, the El Paso Country Club, the Underwood Golf Complex and the Coronado Country Club among others.

Around El Paso, there are also courses in Horizon, Las Cruces, Anthony and elsewhere.

Texas Monthly just released their list of the top golf, (not that Top Golf, this list is for the real deal), courses in Texas and El Paso got two spots.

See the rest here.

Quick "Top Golf" side note, Def Leppard were just there having some fun before their concert with Alice Cooper and Motley Crue.

One of Texas Monthly's faves was Butterfield Trail on the east side.

Well, what I now consider to be "central" El Paso as the "far" east side continues to grow exponentially.

Not so long ago, it was untamed desert.

Now it's a really cool golf course with an awesome clubhouse/bar and tasty food.

Yeah, that's how I golf ... in the bar ... with a beer ... and some wings.

Photo Google Maps
Photo Google Maps

The other course, I actually know pretty well as, for several years, it was home to the KLAQ Golf Tournament.

I never played in it but I went to most of them to handle contests and prize giveaways. My bosses played, I drank and we all got paid to do it. Pretty cool gig.

I was supposed to oversee the "shotgun start" one year but I passed because they wouldn't let me use a real shotgun. Party poopers.

Photo, Google Maps
Photo, Google Maps

Painted Dunes is a beautiful course with an amazing view of the mountains.

There's also an entire, new community being developed around it.

Construction has just started but, so far, looks like it's going to be pretty sweet.

El Paso NFL Fans Showing Their Team Pride

El Paso NFL Fans Showing Their Team Pride

WOW: Amazing Artwork by El Paso Artist Ruben Mariscal

You've seen the giant TMNT mural in El Paso but there's more to Ruben's work than that. Here's a sample of some of his artwork spotted around town.