Remember the days of Spike TV? Before it became Paramount Television, Spike would give us some truly crazy yet humorous shows like Deadliest Warrior, MXC & 1000 Ways to Die. That last show in particular is certainly memorable due to its use of showing both true (& fictional) tales of people around the world dying various ways of...well death. In fact it's been over a decade since 1000 Ways to Die aired one segment starring a lowrider car, a man named "Jesse" & the city of El Paso, Texas.

Townsquare Media El Paso
Townsquare Media El Paso

When did El Paso star on 1000 Ways to Die?

On the December 15, 2010 episode called Cure for the Common Death, Part II, a total of 7 segments would be included on the episode. The very first one is the one that featured El Paso called "Hydrau-Licked".

In the segment, our main character "Jesse" shows up to a lowriding competition where he shows off his car that can bounce the highest off the ground. What happens next? Well in a show called 1000 WAYS TO DIE... I think you can take a wild guess.

That wasn't the only time 1000 Ways to Die aired a segment close to El Paso; there was another segment called "Bush Whacked 2: South of the Border" that appeared on the episode "Wait - Don't Tell Me You're Dead" that aired August 15, 2011. It follows 2 men in Juarez named Jorge & Ricardo who stole a ton of narcotics from their boss. However it wasn't just their boss that killed those two...

Did the 1000 Ways to Die segments actually happen?

After doing research on either of these stories, its hard to say that either of these stories actually happened during the dates that appeared in the show. It's likely to believe that the El Paso one DIDN'T happen on May 2, 2009, as there's no results on Google to confirm anything like that happened on that date.

Real or not, the tv show DOES remind me to always be careful around lowriders, as they could do some serious damage to you if not careful. And the show also reminds us to never steal because there will be punishment for your actions.

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