I used to think 2 a.m. was the best time to shop at Walmart when I had a job working at a bar.

The aisles were fairly free of people. I enjoyed the quiet after a noisy night in a room full of inebriated bar patrons.

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Those were the days when Walmarts near me were all open 24 hours. Then the pandemic happened, keeping us from buying Pizza Rolls at 2 a.m.

Let's take a look at the best and worst times to head to Walmart to stock up on supplies for the week.

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What Is The Best Day To Shop at Walmart?

Let's first discuss your goals as a Walmart shopper. Are you looking to shop with less people in the store or when you have a shot at getting the best of what Walmart has to offer?

Shopping expert Trae Bodge shared with Eating Well that early or late on weekends is the best time to shop at Walmart if you have a tight schedule and you'd rather not deal with other people in the aisles.

"I try to avoid weekends," Bodge told the website. "But if that's the only time I can shop, I go in the morning or evening or order online and pick up in-store to avoid crowds."

With two kids, I find it tough to do a big shopping trip during the week. Maybe your life has some additional free-time Monday through Friday. Eating Well says you should try shopping early on weekday mornings when there are less people in the store.

One weekday, however, is better than all the rest.

Krista Hooper of Walmart Finds told Eating Well that she has found Tuesdays to have the best selection of items. After a busy weekend, stores are usually fully restocked and replenished once Tuesday rolls around.

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What Is The Worst Day To Shop At Walmart?

Let's say Tuesday morning is just not an option. You may still want to head to Walmart during the week.

It's no surprise GoBankingRates.com says to avoid Saturdays and Sundays at Walmart at all costs.

Their reasons include:

  • Busy store
  • Long lines
  • Risk of empty shelves
  • Poor selection of fresh food

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"If you're looking to shop at Walmart but want to make sure you're optimizing both time and money, it's important to plan your shopping trip around specific days," the website recommends.

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