A small car was seen traveling along a highway in Dallas, TX., and now many on social media are asking how the driver kept this car on the road.

As you can see here, the hood of the vehicle is open and propped up against the windshield.

Still, that doesn't seem to impede this driver's ability to keep the car on the road, and I have no idea how the driver kept the car from going off the road.

Dallas, TX TV
Dallas, TX TV

Now we don't know what happened after the video stopped, but I just hope that no one was injured in this bizarre incident.

But again, what happened here, and why didn't this driver pull the car over when the hood opened? Perhaps we will never know, but in the event of this happening to you, please pull over safely and do not continue on your way as this driver did.

Here's the bizarre incident from Dallas, TX.


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