How can a child simply disappear?

Easily. Too easily, if we have learned anything from the missing children cases of Texas history.

There are 39 children who were reported missing from their homes in Texas in the years 2000-2009 who are still missing. While their cases may be considered cold, that could change in an instant.

All it takes is one person to remember something. To recognize someone. To pick up the phone and dial a number. Closure is everything.

Some of these missing children cases are somewhat unusual, but the end goal of closure is the same. For example, the case of Austin Jay Childs who went missing on April 9, 2005.


Charley Project
Charley Project

Childs was last seen on that date in Freeport, Texas when he set out to sea with his dog, John Zimmerman and David Keller for an offshore fishing expedition. The trio was expected to return the next day, but never did.

A search and rescue team deployed a helicopter, who located the capsized boat in open waters, with no sign of the three men or dog.

In Child's case, the recovery of a body would close a much-deserved chapter for his loved ones. But beyond that, there are the many instances where a child is seen one moment and gone the next. With absolutely no clues as to their fate.

It only takes one person who remembers something, recognizes someone, and reaches for the phone.

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Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark/TSM