Well, well, well. What have we here?

A nice little brawl, and this time it's in Dallas, Texas at the American Airlines arena during the Bad Bunny concert.

Interesting side note, the show was initially slated for Friday, May 3 but the singer took the stage a day early in order to accomodate Game 6 of the Dallas Mavericks that will be played on Friday, May 3

But Anyway, Down to Business

And business is brawling. The video with said brawl is just a few paragraphs down. But to set up the scene...

While the rescheduled Bad Bunny concert was underway, the vibe was lit....for most of the crowd.

But there was one section that was not passing the vibe check. In a video posted to Dallas Texas TVs X account, four or five women are in close proximity to each other near the stairway and they are not happy to be amongst each other.

Dallas Texas TV via X
Dallas Texas TV via X


As soon as the video starts, a skinny girl in a white skirt launches a punch that lands right in the kisser of the other girl. And then there's nothing but madness and fury in the  bobbing and weaving hairdos and frenzied fists.

One of the girls with the bolder attitudes reaches over and with a one-two-and YOINK! she effortlessly tosses Cowboy Boots to the stairs and hollers what I assume to be profanities at her. Cowboy Boots is confused.

There's more madness and more brawling as they pry the two combatants apart and security shows up. i did like the coup de grace by the girl in the long white skirt getting a final kick in

Dallas Texas TV via X
Dallas Texas TV via X

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