There are many fun Christmas traditions families enjoy, one of the most popular is setting up a tree to decorate with ornaments, tinsel, garland, and lights. While many households choose to purchase and artificial tree that they can reuse from year-to-year, some love to get a real tree.

If you like having a real tree, you probably visit your local tree farm to either chop down your own tree or pick one that they’ve already cut down for the season. Either way, you’ll pick your pine, fir, or spruce, load it up on your car, and take it home to decorate and enjoy.

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My family was never a real-tree family because my dad is allergic, but it can definitely be a fun tradition to celebrate with.

That is unless you experience what one girl shared on TikTok, going viral with 5.9 million views.

After waking up on Christmas Eve, her family found ‘little black dots’ covering the floor around the tree. After further inspection, they realized the tree was infested with little black bugs that they initially thoughts were ticks or some other harmful bug.

Fortunately, they were just conifer aphids, but there were so many of them all over the tree, that they had to throw the whole thing out just before Christmas.

The comment section of the video shared some similarly terrible stories with one person saying they had thousands of praying mantis babies hatch from their tree and ended up throwing the whole thing out the back door, ornaments, lights, and all.

I don’t know about you, but that makes me happy I chose to stick with an artificial tree for my home.

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