It's a new year and that means new trends are happening in the height of everything being new. One trend from South Korea has recently made an uproar across social media as it might have some dangerous consequences.

Bone Apple Teeth?

This new trend from South Korea is people frying up toothpicks and then eating them after they have expanded into almost curly frie like objects. Now why are people eating toothpicks? Well these toothpicks from South Korea are actually made from starches from potatoes and are they puff up like some kind of starchy puffy chip. The people doing this trend then add seasoning to the chips, like cheese dust, so that the toothpick chips have a flavor.

Doctor in the House

Even though the toothpicks are made from starches to make them more biodegradable South Korean health officials are urging their people not eat them. This trend has picked up so much traction but people in the U.S. didn't know the toothpicks were made from starch and instead were using plastic toothpicks. Obviously plastic isn't good for people but this has led some people to be concerned that people will try this trend with wooden toothpicks as well.


So when it comes to eating toothpicks, or anything not specifically made to be eaten, then don't do it. Just because it's made out of the same thing as a certain food item do not eat it or try to eat it because it could be dangerous. There are some eating utensil made out of edible materials but they are designed to specifically be eaten. Texans are known for using toothpicks and it's best to not to become a laughing stock of the world for frying them up, whether they're made of starch, plastic, or wood. Don't do it!

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