Since it’s that time of year when tornadoes are top of mind in Texas, let’s look at which part of the state has experienced the biggest increase in high-intensity tornadoes. 

Some of the most disastrous tornadoes in history have struck the Lone Star State. Most of us who grew up here have been through one at some point in our lives – including me. 

Having witnessed the powerful EF4 tornado that tore through my hometown of Vernon on April 10, 1979, and the destruction it left in its wake, I learned at the age of 6 just how horrific one of nature’s most destructive forces can be.

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Lucky for me and my family, our home wasn’t in the direct path of the tornado. But I know a few people whose homes were and were blessed to survive, albeit with scars, both physical and mental. 

And while I could never muster the courage to get out and chase tornadoes, I do have a passion for spreading awareness. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years sharing tornado-related content both on-air and online. 

So, I was intrigued when I was alerted to a study conducted by Captain Experiences to determine which U.S. cities have seen the biggest increase in tornadoes – particularly high-intensity tornadoes – over the last 20 years. 

Much to my surprise, only one Texas metropolitan area made the Top 15. The San Antonio-New Braunfels metropolitan area experienced a 2% increase, putting it at Number 11 on the list.

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