For literal decades this iconic trophy has been handed to countless film stars, but many don't know Texas is a huge part of its history.

The Academy Awards and Texas Connection (Keep Reading for the Full Story)

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Since 1929, the Academy Awards has been honoring excellence in the film industry. Doesn't matter if you're behind the camera or in front of it. Receiving an Academy Award is a big deal. However, the award itself is known as an Oscar. The award show has gone through both names throughout it's history, but turns out the trophy got it's name from a wheat farmer in Texas.

Oscar Trophy Technically is a Knight

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Back in 1929, the Academy Award was meant to be a knight with a sword standing on a reel of film. When the first Oscars showed up at the office, Academy librarian Margaret Herrick made a comment that the so called 'knights' looked like her Uncle Oscar. Looks like Oscar Pierce was wheat and fruit farmer back in Texas. Apparently the name stuck and all these years later it is still used today.

Oscar Name First Used in 1934

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Looks like the first time someone used the term Oscar outside of folks that new the inside joke in the Academy was in 1934. Katherine Hepburn won for Best Actress and a newspaper columnist let slip the inside joke of the Oscar nickname in her story. The Academy would not start calling the trophy an Oscar officially until 1949. Before that they just called it the Academy Award of Merit.

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Next year when the Oscar ceremony takes place, just know that trophy looks like some Texas farmer from the 1920's.

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