Are the counties that actually sit in Tornado Alley actually getting the most tornadoes in Texas? Let's see.

Keep Scrolling to See Where You're Most Likely to Encounter a Tornado in Texas

At some point in Texas history, every county in our state has been hit with a tornado. It's just something that can occur in our part of the country. For years you have head the term "tornado alley". What does that actually mean?

Generic Tornado Alley Map

Northern Texas northward through Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska. Seem to be what many experts to deem the heart of tornado alley. Some consider it wider encompassing other states like Louisiana, Arkansas, and Colorado. I've even heard in recent years the heart of tornado alley moving more East, than what we normally consider it to be.

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Texas has 254 counties in our great state and a few of them actually sit right in tornado alley. Slacker recently looked back at all the tornadoes that have officially touched down in the state of Texas since 2000. Here are the counties that are actually getting hit the most.

WARNING: These Are the Counties With the Most Tornadoes in Texas

Stacker compiled a list of counties which experience the most tornadoes in Texas using data from NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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