A small child went missing from a hotel over the weekend and police were shocked as to where she went.

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Around 6PM on Saturday night, police got a call about a missing girl at the Double Tree Hotel. At the time, no one knew what had happened to the eight-year-old girl. Did she wander off? Was she kidnapped? The last known whereabouts of the girl was that she was swimming in the hotel pool. Police reviewed security cameras and sadly found out where the little girl was.

Pipe Malfunction Leads to Little Girl's Death

Police reviewing the security cameras of the pool saw the little girl swim under the water, but never come back up. Police were able to get the pool drained enough to look into the pipe and sadly that is when her body was found. This particular pipe is supposed to feed water into the pool and not out of it. For some reason it was sucking water from within the pool and it appears the little girl was pulled in.

Investigators do not believe the girl willingly swam into the opening. Her body was wedged in with such force that once she got pulled in, she was not going to get out. The hotel has not released a statement on the situation, but one can assume a lawsuit will definitely be coming. Our thoughts are with the family at this time. The Houston Police Department is also conducting an investigation as to how this could have happened.

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