What was supposed to be quite possibly the game of the year turned into a disaster for Dallas as the Cowboys were crushed by the mighty San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara.

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This game was a measuring stick for the Cowboys in my mind. After dominating the first three out of four games this season, it was time for the Cowboys to test how solid they were. Could they hang with one of the best teams in football? Were the Cowboys going to get over the hump that is San Francisco, who knocked the Cowboys out of the playoffs the past two seasons?

Cowboys fans found out the answer quickly on Sunday Night Football. The answer is a definite no. We were absolutely embarrassed by a better team.

There was just no sign of life for our defense which let San Francisco do whatever they wanted. Our offense was pathetic as well with Dak throwing three interceptions on the night. Yes, it was an old-fashioned beatdown.

Is it time to stop defending Dak Prescott?

While you win and lose as a team, it's hard for a team with great talent to win if the leader is not performing well. That is the case with Dak. He is simply not making the plays to lead this team. He is overthrowing receivers, not throwing the ball away when he has a chance, and when he has room to run, he's not taking the chance.

It absolutely blows my mind with some of the throws and decisions he is making out there. And before you ask, "Well, can you do better?", I'm not a professional footballer so no, I cannot. Dak is a professional, and he is simply not performing like one.

I've been critical of Dak in the past. I've also defended him plenty of times. But is it time to start considering the possibility that Dak is just not that good?

I was completely shocked and let down at the result of this beatdown. I honestly thought it would be a great game and that we would know exactly what kind of Cowboys team we had. I guess as it turns out, our team is not as good as we thought, and we have a long way to go.

I'll still support the Cowboys but man it sure is hard being a Dallas fan after games like that.

Onto next week when we face the Los Angeles Chargers. At least we won't have to listen to Chris Collingsworth call the game.

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