• Arizona families are looking for better value with their hard-earned dollars
  • Dining out is optional; families are looking for a good bang for their buck
  • The Least Trusted restaurant will surprise you!

Money Matters in Arizona

As the price of everything skyrockets, where we put our money matters. We're tightening our belts these days, and sometimes that means crossing optional items off our lists.

Least trusted fast food in Arizona

Many Arizona families used to dine out a few times a week. With costs climbing, this is an optional expense most of us are ready ditch in favor of making meals at home.

When we venture out for a meal, we're looking for the best value for our dollar. When making up your mind about where to eat, there are a few Arizona restaurants you might want to drive right past.

Least trusted fast food in Arizona

According to a poll by Clarify Capital, when folks in Arizona are looking for a chain restaurant, 40% of respondents choose Pizza Hut as their number one go-to place for a nosh. The pizza chain snagged the top spot for most trusted fast food brands.

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The Least Trusted Fast Food Restaurant Brands

Three restaurant chains came in at the bottom of the consumer trust list. The survey by Clarify Capital looked at various factors when assembling its list.

Here are some of the items:

  • Delivering on promises
  • Transparent pricing
  • Consistent performance
  • Listens to and acts on customer feedback
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Builds relationships with customers

Visit Clarify Capital to read the full list of restaurants where consumers give their opinions.

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Least trusted fast food in Arizona

18% of survey respondents listed Sonic Drive-In or Chipotle as their least trusted brands. There's speculation that past incidents have tainted the brands, especially with Baby Boomers.

The Least Trusted Fast Food Brand in Arizona

There's one restaurant that scored even worse with consumers.

According to the survey, Panera Bread has been identified as the “least trusted” restaurant brand. About 20% of those who responded listed this as their least trusted restaurant.

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Least trusted fast food in Arizona

The exact reason for this rating wasn't spelled out in the survey results, and I'm sad about this news. Panera tends to be in the upper price range, as fast food goes, but they have quality ingredients, something missing in many other brands.

I love this restaurant, so I'm not sure they deserve the shade. What do you think?

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