Gas prices may be a nightmare in Arizona right now, but that has nothing on the nightmares we dream up when we sleep.

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Whether a good dream or bad, we begin to see patterns of recurring dreams based on several factors, a major one being location. So what does Arizona dream about?

Most Common Dream in America

To start things off, let's look at how the cumulative American public dreams. While this is a broad reach, most Americans will have a similar dream to those around them. Dreams are manifestations of what we think about during the day, and the collective consciousness is so intertwined that we are likely to have some similarities once we drift off.

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The two dreams that garnered the most responses were falling, and being chased. Both of these are responses to primal fears of heights and predators respectively.

The Most Common Nightmare in Arizona

We hope that every time we close our eyes, we have a pleasant dream, but unfortunately, nightmares rear their ugly head from time to time, waking us up in a cold sweat.

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In Arizona, the most common nightmare is that of being lost in an unfamiliar environment. This makes perfect sense. Arizona's deserts are expansive and its mountains are windy and dangerous. This is a state of wide open places, so it's not unlikely to fear getting lost in such a suffocating environment.

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The Most Common Dream in Arizona

On the opposite side of the spectrum are the dreams you never want to wake up from. Whether you were a Hollywood A-Lister, Famous Singer, or on a dream vacation in Tahiti, we have dreams of grandeur and fantasy.

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In Arizona, the most common dream is that of falling in love, or being with your love interest. While this may seem like a common response, only Arizona and California fall under this common ground.

Maybe the California Love is making its way to the deserts of Arizona.



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