There are very few school sports that are co-ed. For the most part, there are men's leagues and women's leagues and the two never intersect.

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This has led to an understandable amount of criticism from women athletes, as they feel they are looked down upon in the sporting world, playing easier games then their male counterparts.

One Tucson teen finally had enough.

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The Road to Glory

Sunnyside High School senior Audrey Jimenez is no stranger to winning. After starting with the wrestling program at Sunnyside her freshman year, Audrey went on to win three straight girl's individual state championships.

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Audrey's dominance shined through her first three seasons, and her and fellow women's wrestler Everest Leydecker began a campaign against the Arizona Interscholastic Association to allow for women to compete against the men the following season.

Their appeal went through, and for the 2024 season, Jimenez was given the go-ahead to take on the men.

Sweet Victory

Two men locked face to face while wrestling
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Though Jimenez was given the right to wrestle against the boy's teams, one thing still stood uncertain: could she win?

Yes, she could. Jimenez defeated four men on her way to the top before taking on Peoria Liberty's Carson Miles. Jimenez won the contest 7-5 and claimed her State Title, the first woman to win it against the men.

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This was a massive victory, not just for Jimenez, but for women everywhere who want to believe that their athletic achievement means just as worthy as their male counterparts. Jimenez showed that with hard work, grit, and determination, anything is possible.

So reach for the stars, all it takes is one choice. Go be great.

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