Nothing can ruin your day quite like your favorite sports team losing. Personally, if my team comes up short, the rest of my day, if not my week, is filled with sadness and hurt.

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Most sports fans, no matter how rational they are, will get upset at their favorite teams, and if they don't, they weren't a real fan in the first place.

The Most Unhappy Sports Fans in the U.S.

Across the United States, some states take their sports more seriously than others. A study was recently conducted to find the "unhappiest" state to be a sports fan is.

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The study measured how long the average fan stayed upset after their team's loss, and came to conclusions from that. At the very top of the list lies West Virginia, whos fans average about 17 hours of post-game blues. Right after WV come Missouri and Montana, both averaging around 12 and a half hours before they're back to feeling normal.

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The Happiest Sports Fans in the U.S.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the states who get over their problems pretty quickly. Nebraska takes the top spot here, with their fans only taking 22 minutes to recover, with Mississippi in second at 25 minutes and Minnesota in third at 28 minutes.

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Arizona falls under this category, with fans in the Grand Canyon state taking an average of 38 minutes after a loss to get back on their feet. It hasn't been a phenomenal decade for Arizona sports, but luckily that doesn't bother our fans one bit.


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