When told to think of bad drivers, our minds immediately go to California, New York, or Miami. These three cities have gained a reputation for having some of the most frustrating roadways to travel on, mostly because the drivers on the road are just bad at driving.

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Arizona has no shortage of massive metropolitan areas, so do our drivers hold up to the national standard, or do we need to get back to driving school?

Arizona Driver's Test Effectiveness

The first step of becoming an effective driver is passing your driving test. This allows you to be street legal and get your license. In Arizona, you must receive an 80% on your test to pass.

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The test is split into two parts, written, and practical, making sure that the tester not only can drive, but knows the rules of the road. Arizona ranks fairly high in this category, scoring 14th in the country on the written portion, and third on the practical assessment.

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Arizona's Effectiveness on the Road

Before you start to brag to all your friends that Arizona is one of the best states for drivers, let's remember that this is just a test. If the administrators of the exam aren't up to snuff, we have a bigger problem on our hands.

That's what seems to have happened.

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According to a study by Forbes, Arizona has not one, but two cities that rank in the top ten for worst drivers. Clocking in at number eight is Phoenix, who is 10th in the U.S. in fatal accidents that involve speeding, and 11th in the U.S. in number of fatal accidents and number of people killed in fatal accidents.

Pushing itself all the way to number four is Tucson, with only Albuquerque, NM, Memphis, TN, and Detroit, MI. Tucson ranks fourth in fatal car accidents and number killed in fatal accidents, and ranks 10th in fatal drunk/distracted driving accidents.

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Before you get on the road, remember to be safe, follow the rules, and pay attention to other drivers to ensure you and those around you can get home safe.



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