Three players were disqualified from the 2008 Gay Softball World Series and denied them their earned second-place trophy after the league suspected they were straight. Now, after suing the organization, they’re taking home an undisclosed sum as part of a settlement and will also be given their trophy.

The men, who are actually bisexual, alleged that the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance in the Seattle area dealt improperly with rumors that they were secretly heterosexual men posing as homosexuals to get into the league — “straight ringers.” But an investigation found that the league didn’t ask them up front whether they were bisexual or not.

Though as confusing as it may sound, the settlement can be perceived as a win for both sides.

“We have been vindicated by the judge’s First Amendment rulings,” said Roy Melani, NAGAAA’s commissioner. “This lawsuit threatened not only the purpose of our organization, but also its future. We fought hard to protect ourselves and our core identity and I am relieved this issue is finally behind us.”

The NAGAAA has updated its rules to state that bisexual and transgender players are fully welcomed.

[Associated Press via CBS]

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