Texans can handle quite a bit. We tough out hurricanes, squash deadly critters, and even chase tornados. However, the moment a winter storm sneaks its way in, all bets are off.

When it comes to other forms of weather, we are built to handle them. But winter weather is a whole other beast that the Lone Star State does not have the infrastructure for. We’ve seen it over the past two weeks with snow and icy conditions wreaking havoc on many Texas cities, including the one I call home, Lubbock.

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Here in West Texas, if there is a tornado coming full speed at your neighborhood, there are probably going to be people standing outside and watching until taking shelter at the very last minute. On the other hand, the moment we see snow or icy conditions, people are staying in and avoid it at all costs.

Honestly, it’s a good thing to react that way. Mainly because of how stupid people are on the road, especially when conditions are bad. You can be the best driver and fully trust yourself to get from point A to point B in a safe way, but some idiot in a lifted truck is going to come racing down the road and slam into you because they hit an icy patch and were going too fast to stop.

That is why we are all better off calling it quits early and staying inside when any sort of winter weather hits Texas. This state wasn’t built to handle it, and in severe cases, we end up with disasters like the 2021 winter storm. So, to be expected, we are a bit traumatized.

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