The world we live in is filled with contradictions. On one hand, we hear that there is an obesity epidemic and we need to do something about, but on the other hand we're bombarded with messages that it's okay to be heavy and we should love our bodies no matter what.

This guy makes no bones about which side of the fence he's on.

He's fitness guru John Burk, whose passionate NSFW tirade against out-of-shape people (he calls them "repulsive") has gone viral.

Burk's rant is loaded with more F-bombs than calories on the plate of an obese man at a Golden Corral. He just tears into them and their lazy choices, not to mention the effect it may have on their kids.

You've heard of tough love, right? Well, Burk doesn't subscribe to that. He's just tough, although he may be teetering on the brink of just plain mean.

Burk, who has trained soldiers, told BuzzFeed he's acting the only way he knows how while spreading his message, saying, "The soft and tender-hearted approach works for some, but after having trained soldiers for over 12 years now, I know what works best: blunt, in-your-face truth that slaps you so hard that it forces you to step back and start self-analyzing to see if there’s any validity in what you’ve just been told."

Watch Burk's intense rant below and after you're done crying decide for yourself if he makes a good point or if he's gone totally over the edge.