Much has been written and said about Patriots head coach Bill Belichick's disdain for sports media. Tons of tweets go out every week during football season, and the weeks preceding, joking about Belichick's cold demeanor during post-game or post-practice press conferences. Dude just hates having the answer the same old questions all the time.

But apparently there's at least one member of mainstream sports media who seems to be on Belichick's good side.

The Swami himself, Chris "Boomer" Berman.

Famous for his energetic SportsCenter and Sunday NFL Countdown appearances, his Fastest Three Minutes segment which includes some of the greatest highlight voiceover in all of sports, and being a broken record at the Home Run Derby, Berman entered the press conference without any fanfare save for Belichick clapping and calling out to him.

"Boomer! We are graced!" is how I'm gonna close my nightly prayers from here on out. It's incredibly rare to see Belichick act in such a cordial and bemused way. Still, this feels completely natural despite its uniquity.

I think Coach Belichick just really likes Chris Berman. Somehow I have a hard time believing that old Billy No-Sleeves sits around watching Fastest Three Minutes highlights on YouTube, but maybe that's his hobby during the off-season.

Can't say I'm not guilty of it every once in a while.

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Boomer mentioned while passing the podium that he hadn't "been to one of these in couple years" and then asked Belichick to cut the welcome short. "Always looking forward, right coach?"

But Belichick genuinely seemed happy to see Boomer there. Heck, Belichick smiled brighter seeing him than he did for the Patriots' last Super Bowl win. That's not even exaggeration:


The only thing I see as an issue with this is that nobody else in the room clapped with him.

The Swami is a legend among sportscasters and even though he hasn't always been perfect, the effect he has had on the industry is immeasurable. I challenge anyone to look at a highlight of someone being juked out of their shoes and not at least think to yourself "WHOOP!"

Everyone in that room should've joined in with Belichick there. Maybe that would have endeared the media to Bill a little more if he saw that they were as into Boomer as he was. You know, common ground builds bridges and what-not.

Heck Belichick even let Boom ask the first question of the conference. He looked right at the ESPN commentator as if he was the only guy in the room.

Boomer didn't seem prepared for the attention and his first question was the softest of all soft balls: "Still fun?" It was a very wholesome interaction, both of these football icons being a bit bashful speaking to each other.

You can find the relevant sections of the press conference here.

This is why Belichick is the ultimate football guy. Like him or not, he gets as excited about football and football-adjacent things as us dweebs. He just hates when he has to talk about it to the media.

Now I really just want to see a classic "This Is SportsCenter" style commercial with Belichick and Boomer as a buddy-cop duo solving crimes and analyzing defenses.

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