FC Juarez and Santos played to a 1-1 draw on Friday night at Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium in a match that was highlighted by one theme: Imprecision. Both teams struggled with execution over the course of 90 minutes, turning in a performance that is to be forgotten. The tie gave the Bravos one more point on the season for a total of 7 points in matches thus far in this 2020 season as a result of 1 win, 4 draws, and 3 loses.

The first 45 minutes saw two teams that exchanged possessions in the offensive one-third that lead to few or no real threats on goal. The first shot on goal for the Bravos did not come until the 40th minute of play.

You would think that major adjustments would be made at halftime by both teams in an attempt to get these teams to fire in the second 45 minutes.

That would not be the case.

FC Juarez.

The second half would resume where the first half left off and some would say that the imprecision by both teams was even more notable. Not much was happening in the match until in the 65th minute when a penalty kick was called in favor of FC Juarez when Maxi Olivera was pulled as he ran into the goalbox off of a corner kick.

That call was a gift for the team from the Borderland as the contact was as light as a feather, if there was any contact at all. Not only that, if there was any contact at all, it was right on the edge of the opposing goalbox.

The PK would be converted by Dario Lezcano to take the 1-0 lead.

FC Juarez.

The lead would be short lived as in the 82 minute Brayan Garnica would score off of a deflection from one of his own teammates deep in the heart Bravos goalbox. Garnica would take a point blank shot, getting it past Juarez goalkeeper Ivan Vazquez Mellado.

In the closing minutes neither team would mount a serious threat to take the lead and the 3 points that come with the victory.

After the match Bravos head coach, Gabriel Caballero, commented, “We are left with a bitter taste and much frustration. I was not a good game for this team, but we tried to execute and put forth a great effort, we took the lead and tried to close out the match. Unfortunately there was a play for them that ends in them scoring and robbing us of 2 points that were vital to us.”

Up next for FC Juarez will be a mid-week match, on the road, against Toluca tomorrow evening. The match is scheduled to kickoff at 6pm MST.