In the last two weeks FC Juarez’ PR value has skyrocketed to be the most talked about team in Mexican soccer this preseason ahead of the 2021 Apertura season. The Bravos and their ownership group, which MountainStar Sports Group is a part of, opened their wallet and gave a hint of the financial firepower that they are capable of to the rest of Liga BBVA MX when they hired Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti as the new head coach and Miguel Angel Garza as the new team president.

Both Ferretti and Garza come from Tigres where together they made the team from San Nicolas de los Garza (a suburb of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon) far and away the best team in Mexican soccer over the course of the last decade winning 11 competitions and 5 league championships.

With this move the Bravos have become the team that has received the most media attention on a national level both in Mexico as well as the United States when it comes to Mexican soccer.

With Ferretti at the helm, come the expectations of a quick and significant turnaround. How feasible that is with a team that was one of the worst last season and is in the one of last places in the pseudo-relegation table has been the topic of conversation.

The national media in both countries has also made frequent mention of the ownership group, particularly Paul Foster naming him specifically, and the financial power that is backing this team. Some outlets are calling the Bravos the new rich team in Mexican soccer.

FC Juarez.
FC Juarez.

Both Ferretti and Garza have already made a couple of moves as far the team roster goes. Attacking midfielder Marco Fabian is not coming back for another year as he was a big disappointment with FC Juarez. Fabian was the big name acquisition for Juarez last year and was a complete dud. So much so, I don’t think there is a Bravos fan who wanted him to come back for another season.

Earlier this morning, the Bravos front office announced and made it official that Hugo Gonzalez will be the new goalkeeper for the Bravos for the upcoming season. It is a well known fact that Ferretti thinks very highly of Gonzalez and it was rumored that this was the first move that he wanted to make upon taking over the team from the Borderland.

FC Juarez has been in Acapulco all week long having two training sessions every day in preparation for the upcoming season that is approximately a month away.

Over the course of the next week it is expected for FC Juarez to make several official announcements regarding new player acquisitions. Stay tuned.

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