High school football in Texas is something that everyone should experience at some point in their life. It’s much more than a game, it’s a community coming together to cheer on players who have been working hard for a long time to put on that jersey and take the field. When a game is over if people are talking about a referee, it’s normally about a penalty they don’t agree with, but recently there was a referee that has gone viral after showing off his speed during a kickoff runback. 

The TikTok was posted last month after the video was taken during a football game, and you will see the incredible speed that was on display in the video below. While I’m not certain of the teams playing, a few comments made on the TikTok are saying that it looks like the game is being played by Center High School in Center, Texas.  

The Student Athletes Deserve Some Credit Too 

While the referee should be getting some attention for his speed, the player who is returning the football on this kickoff also did a great job of avoiding defenders to create the runback. There is a lot of athletic ability shown off on this video from both the players and the referee.  

The Person Who Posted the Video Has Other Incredible Football Videos 

After seeing this video posted by Ronnie Williams, I looked at other TikTok's he has posted, and he has other amazing football videos I’ll post those below so you can check those out too. 

Now, check out the speed on this referee: 

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