When I found out from management at ESPN El Paso that I would be getting my own two hour sports radio program I was instantly humbled and thrilled.  Since my arrival at the station in May of 2008, this was the moment I had been dreaming about.

A good friend recently framed this opportunity in its proper perspective.  He said, 'imagine if someone had told you when you graduated high school a decade ago that you would have your own sports radio show in one of the twenty largest cities in America?'  I replied, 'I would have pulled an Elaine from 'Seinfeld.'

His point was that we often get so wrapped up in climbing the ladder and advancing our careers, that we forget why we get into the business to begin with.  The ten year old Andy Lee's week would be determined by how the Cowboys played on Sunday.  As I aged and matured (questionable) that passion was channeled into turning my love of sports into a career in broadcasting.

A lot of people have been asking me, 'how will your show be different from Sportstalk?'  My response is simple; I don't know that my show will be too terribly different from Steve's.  The beauty of talk radio is that it is different human beings with different world views commenting on the same stories and issues that affect our community.

I am also incredibly fortunate to be paired with the smart, talented, and ambitious Crystal Dominguez.  Crystal may be new to ESPN El Paso, but she is a broadcasting veteran.  As a native El Pasoan, she is thrilled to be working in the sports media in her hometown.  Sports radio is traditionally a male dominated medium, and I know our listeners will grow to love Crystal's female perspective on the wacky world of sports.

A wise man once told me the key to good talk radio is to prepare like Hell and let it fly.  That is what you can expect from 'Sports Spin' each and every day..............And remember, the spin starts here.


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