In case you're unaware, or don't care about sports, Fox Sport 1 launched last week.

The station is Fox's jump into 24-hour sports news because dear Christ is that something the world has been lacking recently. Imagine two sports cable stations chock full of A-Rod nonsense and news about Tebow still not being good enough to play? Imagine if A-Rod and Tebow were spotted together?!? Three hundred ESPN and Fox Sports execs would simultaneously orgasm and leave a stain on their Dockers resembling the face of Jesus inside a Biogenesis logo.

Fox Sports 1 was smart enough to realize that the only thing men want more than sports is eye candy reading teleprompters full of sports news so on DAY 1 the station unveiled the blonde bombshell reporting duo of Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson. The duo wasted no time showing this network was going to be all about sports.

WARNING -- Women dancing on a sports talk show set. Also, Andrew's dancing is more enjoyable if you hold drinking glasses up to your eyes and squint like you're watching from a peephole.

Fox Sports 1 -- sports and cocktail dresses and dancing to Jock Jams. Just like Abner Doubleday imagined.

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