All across the Borderland, people are throwing the coolest birthday parties for their kids. Whether it be a huge bash at home or at a designated party hall, kids birthday parties these days are definitely on a next level!

As I've gotten older, I've gotten invites from friends and family who now have their own little ones and they have thrown parties that are fun for both the kids and adults!

If you're on the hunt for where to plan your little ones next birthday shindig, but also looking for a place where all your adult friends could also enjoy themselves, well check out these six places where even the adults can get in on the fun!

Monkey Rock (750 Sunland Park Dr. inside Sunland Park Mall)

Monkey Rock is a new addition to the Borderland. It's inside Sunland Park Mall and it's already a big hit for birthday parties and even just a fun night out with friends (adult friends)!

They offer a variety of games and include a rock wall, VR and food and specialty cocktails!

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Urban Air Adventure Park (801 S. Mesa Hills)

Urban Air Adventure Park is a trampoline park with even more thrilling attractions like a ropes course and a sky rider! Perfect for both kids and adults to have fun- they also offer birthday party packages and food and adult drinks.

Rockin' Jump Trampoline Park (4585 Ripley Dr.)

Trampoline parks are quite popular these days for birthday parties, I've been to a few myself. They're super fun, but be careful if you jump into one of those foam filled pits, they're hard to get out of! Despite there being no alcohol served, which makes sense you don't wanna be tipsy on these trampolines, Rockin' Jump is fun time all around.

Bob-O's Family Fun Center (3851 Constitution Dr.)

Bob-O's is an amusement venue with laser tag, go-karts, bumper boats, batting cages, an arcade, snacks & more. They have birthday party packages and all the fun stuff you need for just a day out with the fam. Those bumper boats are definitely the star of the show!

Adventure Zone (251 Redd Rd.)

In El Paso we all know that Adventure Zone is where the fun is and offer tons of fun stuff like go-karts, mini-golf, an arcade & bumper boats, and an escape room. And also, they have some great tacos and drink for adults to enjoy!

Peter Piper Pizza (Several Locations)

Of course, this one had to make the list! Peter Piper is the OG place to have a kickass birthday party. I recently celebrated a birthday there, it wasn't an official party but you best believe that I had them announce that it was my birthday!

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