El Paso Locomotive FC will look to end their 2-match losing streak when they host Group C rival Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC Saturday night at Southwest University Park. The match will be a battle for second place in the Group C standings of this abbreviated and modified 2020 USL Championship season.

If the Locos get back on the winning track at home they will solidify their second place position behind New Mexico United. At draw or win by the visiting Switchbacks will put them in second place.

Result aside the El Paso needs to be looking for improvement on 2 of their 3 lines on the field of play.
The defensive line will be looking to produce a blank sheet for the Locos. No goals allowed on Saturday would give the Locos a jolt of confidence as they have allowed 7 goals in their last 3 matches. There is little doubt that this will be top priority for Mark Lowry and his side.

The other line that has to improve will be the one that puts the balls in the back of the net. While the midfield line has been more than adequate establishing possession and executing in transition to the offensive third, the issues for the Locos have come when they reach the final third.

A combination of a lack creativity and execution have put a damper on their goal scoring. The Locos have averaged one goal every 90 minutes or one goal a match. While they may produce attacks in numerical supremacy, the Locomotive have produced an over abundance of errant crosses from the flanks and/or produce a limited runs either vertically or diagonally to cause any real threat on goal.

Adding insult to injury, when the Locos have point blank shots on goal, that killer instinct needed to put the ball in the back of the net simply hasn’t been there. Either that or the opposing goalkeeper comes up with the save of the match in that particular moment as was the case last week in Phoenix against the Rising.

Tomorrow’s match is scheduled to kickoff at 730pm MST and will be televised locally on the CW and nationally on ESPN+.

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