Yesterday morning El Paso Locomotive FC announced their new acquisition, it happened to be none other than former FC Juarez lateral or flank defender Eder Borelli. Back on June 12 Borelli released on his social media accounts a heartfelt farewell as he announced that he would not be back with the Bravos for the upcoming 2020 Apertura season.

By yesterday afternoon, the Locos posted a picture of the 29 year old from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in his first training session with the team from the 915.

Borelli was one of the founding team members for the Bravos in 2015 and vital in the club’s championship in their inaugural season. Over the past 5 years Borelli established himself as undeniable leader and was designated captain for the first division Bravos as recently as this past spring before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down Mexican soccer.

In this time Borelli and his wife have developed an affinity for the Borderland and were very vocal in expressing it with frequency in the media.

Now that Borelli is on this side of the Border, he will undoubtedly be an asset to the Locomotive. Here’s what you can expect to see from Borelli on the field of play for the rest of this summer and fall.

Originate a fast transition: Borelli traditionally plays defender on the right flank. He is very quick with ball at his feet and moving the ball to the midfield and the attacking third. Sometimes the Locos can take a little too long to work their way downfield, with Borelli this will no longer be an issue. As a result, an added plus will be the fact that the opposing team will constantly have to account for him on the attack. Eder does not tire running up and down that right sideline and therefore will add numbers to the Locos offensive attack.

A defender at heart: Borelli is first and foremost a defender. Over the 5 years that he’s been here in the Borderland I can’t recall a match in which an opposing player exposed his defensive vulnerabilities on whichever flank he was defending. Despite him being a player that moves up and down the flank constantly, he is rarely out of position to execute his defensive responsibilities. Keep in mind that Eder played in both second and first divisions on Mexican soccer for FC Juarez against midfielders and forwards of a very high caliber.

A leader: You are not asked to wear the Captain’s armband for a second and now first division soccer team if you don’t have some leadership qualities. While I’m perfectly aware that it may be Richie Ryan’s locker room, there will be plenty of experience and knowledge that Borelli will be able to pass on to the young players on the Locos roster.

Added interest in Locomotive FC: A lot of FC Juarez fans were sad at the announcement that Borelli would not come back to the Bravos for the upcoming season. Yesterday’s announcement was an instant hit on social media with Bravos fans learning that Borelli would remain in the Borderland. This acquisition for El Paso will bring about a new interest to Locomotive soccer from soccer fans in our sister city of Ciudad Juarez. I think it will be safe that a solid invested interest will be evident for this 2020 season because of this acquisition.

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