When one El Paso woman created her own Guess Who game while in quarantine, it got thinking- what original versions would the Mosho members dominate at? Earlier this week, we showed you how you can change your old, boring Guess Who? game to a unique experience by putting different people on the cards to personalize the game. An El Paso woman made her game into a tribute to her love of Bravo reality tv. But what DIY Guess Who? games would the morning show crew be good at? I decided to take a guess for everyone....

LOOK: Morning Show's Guess Who? Games They'd Dominate At

The Buzz Adams Morning Show is full of different personalities who enjoy various hobbies and interests. While there are plenty of subjects to choose from that we could possibly use for a Guess Who? game these are my choice for each member. This is the game I think they would be best at, as well as some honorable mentions. There are most likely other versions of this game that could be played by the Buzz Adams Morning Show, and I assume everyone will have their own opinions of what they would be best at. But I'm pretty sure that everyone will agree these choices for their own version of the game would be pretty fun to play. Although I'm still on the fence about the Game of Thrones Guess Who? game. Buzz will more than likely think every blonde is a Lannister.

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