With the exception of a devastating injury to Brandon Brooks a few weeks back, the news on the Eagles front had been quite quiet.

That is, until Monday, when DeSean Jackson decided to put his name in the news cycles once again.

He may not be a gang member, but he made yet another decision that everyone can agree was poor, at best.

The quote that Jackson posted, according to Snopes, is fake and comes from a book titled The Nazis World War II by Robert Edwin Herstein.

The fact that it is fake doesn't change the quote itself, however, nor did Jackson seem to realize it was fake at the time he posted the images.

The veteran receiver tried to reply to those commenting on the posts that he loves everyone and didn't mean to offend anyone with the quotes, seeming to imply that the quotes were posted with the intention of promoting black power, however he then posted a part of the same quote a second time.

Jackson also shared a clip of Farrakhan, an anti-semetic homophobe, on Independence Day about how Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates plan to use the COVID-19 pandemic to essentially kill of large portions of the population.

Former Eagles executive Joe Banner said that he would expect a team meeting on the topic and discussions about a suspension or release of Jackson to be the bare minimum reaction from the club.


If the team were to release Jackson, they would save nearly $1.9 million in cap space this season and would carry $5.8 million in dead cap space next season, effectively making it more difficult for the team to get out of the cap situation it will face in 2021 even without a lowered cap that may very well result from decreased revenue.

These most recent decisions join an ever growing list of poor ones, including on the field plays like his fumble on the one-yard line.

UPDATE: The Eagles posted the below statement saying that they will "continue to evaluate" the situation.

Paul Bowman is an Eagles contributor for 97.3 ESPN and Eagles editor for SportsTalkPhilly.com. Follow him on Twitter @PhillyBallPaul.

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