He wasn't having it.

Coach Deion Sanders of Jackson State was not happy when he caught some of his players on their phones prior to their first game of the season.

Apparently, Coach Sanders walked into the locker room prior to kickoff and saw some of his players on their phones, and that is when he lost it.

He asked what was so important that needed to be on their phone prior to their big game. Coach Sanders would go on to say they should be locked in but were not while on the phone.

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He warned them that he better not see them on their phone again, otherwise they know who they may have to face.

Sanders has also implemented a more professional-like dress code amongst his players. He wants them to look the part and his level of discipline is something we may have been missing in all sports.

Check out the moment Deion Sanders notices some of his players on their phones below. By the way, Jackson St. defeated Florida A&M 59-3 to start their 2022-23 season.

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