We have reached the Conference Championship week in the NFL season, and it includes three quarterbacks and franchises with Super Bowl titles and one young quarterback who is on the verge of greatness.  In the NFC, we have the Green Bay Packers visiting the Seattle Seahawks.  In the AFC, the up-and-coming Indianapolis Colts visit the New England Patriots.

NFC Championship Game- Green Bay @ Seattle

This is a Week One rematch that Seattle easily won 36-16.  Both teams have signal callers with greatness written all over them.  While Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks, if not the best, in the league, he just isn't as great on the road-- particularly in Seattle.  Rodgers always struggles against one of the best defenses in the league.  While they seemed a bit vulnerable early in the season, the Legion of Boom and the rest of the Seahawks' defense look just as good as the defense that led the franchise to their Super Bowl victory a year ago.  The winner of this match will most likely be the favorite to win the Super Bowl and the Seahawks are the first team in a decade that can repeat as Super Bowl champs.  In the end, Seattle wins-- but not as easily as in Week One-- 24-17.

AFC Championship Game-- Indianapolis @ New England

Andrew Luck has made the playoffs in each season in the NFL, while improving his stats and making his team more formidable every year.  After the Colts' huge upset over the Denver Broncos last week, it seems Andrew Luck is ready to make that leap into that elite group of QBs with a Super Bowl appearance.  Standing in his way, the New England Patriots and the long-time partnership of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.  No head coach/QB duo has teamed up for more playoff appearances, playoff wins, and Super Bowl appearances in the history of the NFL.  With a healthy Rob Gronkowski at tight end, the Patriots' offense are nearly impossible to stop-- even without much of a running game (just ask the Baltimore Ravens).  The Colts have been missing a running game for most of the season, but the emergence of Dan "Boom" Herron has provided Indy with a new sudden element to their attack.  The team that emerges the winner will be whoever makes the late-game defensive stop.  Based on personnel, the Patriots have the better secondary.  New England will come out just on top in a close game, 27-24.