If your Mother’s Day plans over the years consisted of cooking out or picnicking in a park, you’re going to have to come up with a Plan B this year.

Because of the Rona and efforts to minimize its spread, city parks were made off limits some weeks ago and remain closed until further notice. That means you won’t be able to hang out in one over the upcoming Mother’s Day weekend.

County parks, with the exception of Ascarate, are not open to the public either. While you do have access to Ascarate, it is only for certain activities -- and not open at all on Mother's Day.

I heard one of the news stations report that code enforcement officers and EPPD were prepared to issue citations to those caught social gathering in a city park, but I don't know how serious the city is about that. They've been more inclined to warn and disperse than to actually fine people. Either way, being in one is prohibited.

City Parks

Per the Local Emergency Directive, paths and sidewalks through and around the parks are open for walking, but you cannot leave the path and go into the park. Playgrounds, basketball courts, dog parks and skate parks are also closed.

Scenic Drive

Closed to the public. “Scenic Sunday” is on hold until further notice.

El Paso County Parks & Recreation
El Paso County Parks & Recreation

Ascarate Park

Closed to the public on Mother's Day, Sunday, May 10. Any other day, walking and biking trails, and handball and tennis courts are open. Fishing and kayaking allowed. Closed: Picnic shelters, playgrounds, basketball courts and sports fields.

Other County Parks

Only designated walking paths that exist adjacent to streets, parks or within parks are open.

Franklin Mountain State Park

The trails remain closed, hiking prohibited. McKelligon Canyon, which is part of the Franklin Mountains State Park, is off limits as well. That includes the road leading up to the amphitheater.

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