People always talk about how stunning El Paso sunsets can be, but the views are unmatched when you're flying high above the city. Almost every week, you see plenty of people on social media posting their photos of the gorgeous El Paso sunsets. I assume the sunrises are just as beautiful but since no one is up that early (I am, but if it wasn't for I wouldn't be) it's all about the sunsets. Gorgeous shades of orange, pink, red, purple, and blue slow cascade through the skies leaving people in awe.

While you can take beautiful pictures from various places around the city like Scenic Drive, Transmountain, McKelligan Canyon, Hueco Tanks, and more, I've finally found the ultimate way to view the perfect El Paso sunset.

Last weekend, I took a flight with West Texas Paramotor and was able to experience El Paso at such great heights. While I knew the flight itself was going to be exhilarating, I had no idea that my favorite part was going to be getting the chance to chase the sunset.

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The best time to fly is at sunrise or sunset when the winds are calmer but the views are also the best at those times. I was able to see one of El Paso's famous stunning sunsets from a brand new vantage point and took plenty of photos to document the scenic view.

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