It has certainly been a rough month for the Oklahoma City Thunder family outside of basketball. In early February in Oklahoma City Ingrid Williams, wife of assistant coach Monty Williams, was involved in a car crash where she later passed away from injuries at the hospital. This was the first tragic event to transpire surrounding OKC, the team and NBA took part to remember and celebrate her life.

Also in Oklahoma City, earlier this month Aubrey McClendon, part-owner of the OKC Thunder, was also involved in a car crash (single) that resulted in his death just hours after being charged with conspiring to rig bids in northwest Oklahoma for the purchase of oil and natural gas leases. That was tragic event number two. This week would involve the third death surrounding the Oklahoma City Thunder within the past month.

Tuesday night Oklahoma City Thunder guard Dion Waiters’ brother Demetrius Pickney was murdered in Philadelphia, PA. It was a horrid day in Philadelphia as there were a reported six homicides that day. Dion posted touching photos on Instagram grieving and publicly saying goodbye to his brother, also confirming that his brother was gone. 

Thunder took the court at home in OKC at The Peake Wednesday night against the Clippers, holding off Los Angeles in the final quarter of play to win 120-108 and remain third in the Western Conference and advance to 44-20 while LAC dropped to 41-22 and retain the fourth spot.

After the game Enes Kanter was being interviewed by FoxSports Oklahoma and when asked about the game, Kanter’s immediate response was that he and the team dedicated the game to Dion Waiters.