Have you ever been playing beer-pong and thought to yourself, “You know what this game needs? Branded beer.” If so, congratulations! It’s your lucky day!

For those of you who didn’t spend about eight semesters hanging out in frat houses like some of us did (ahem), beer-pong involves tossing ping-ping balls into cups of beer. When you get one into your opponent’s cup, he — or she, but let’s be honest, it’s usually a he — has to down the cup of beer. Much inebriation ensues, typically followed by much merriment and, eventually, much vomiting.

You wouldn’t think in the middle of this that anyone would care at all what kind of beer they’re drinking, but that’s where the Pong Beer company hopes you’re wrong.

It wants to be your first choice for the guzzle/party/puke trifecta! In fact, a 30-pack comes with two free ping pong balls, and if you buy two 30-packs, they’ll also throw in some 16 oz. cups.

The brew is currently available in a slew of states, with more on the way — and we’re betting PBR is none too happy about it.

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