The lottery is all well and good but the odds of you finding gold are probably about the same as those of picking all the right Powerball numbers.

The Texas Lottery has had a number of winners but those monster prizes remain hard to score. You might fare better looking for gold in Texas than correctly compiling lucky numbers, birthdates, kids ages and whatever digits came with your fortune cookies.

Seriously, there is a lot of unfound gold in the lone star state and there's a list of places where the odds of you finding some are best.

There are many ways to hunt for gold. You can try "panning", where you sift particles of earth through water. There is also "dredging", sort of a more hard core form of panning. You can also use a metal detector, though that can be a bit complicated. There is also sluicing or you can just start digging.

Small Scale Gold Mining in The Philippines
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When it comes to permits and laws related to looking for gold in Texas, first and foremost, make sure you have the landowners permission. After that, there are several state and federal laws regarding prospecting in Texas.

Now that we covered all that, where should you look? According to the treasure pursuits website, some of the most likely spots are:

Or, you could just pick a spot somewhere and see what happens with your chosen method. El Paso has had many silver mines but not much on the gold side.

Krazy Arrow Ranchette in Chaparral, NM.

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