It may have German origins but the tasty little hot dog is an American icon.

What more of an American experience can you have then munching a hot dog while watching a baseball game and sipping a beer?  Ok, the beer has German roots too but, still, c'mon ... that's 'Merica.

El Paso is known for having the best Mexican food anywhere but there are many places to grab a dog or two all over the 915.

I don't necessarily have a "go to" hot dog haven. In fact, I don't usually even go to a hot dog "joint", most of mine come from Circle K. Tasty, cheap and the chili's not bad.

My knowledge on this one is limited so I did what anyone needing hardcore, totally scientific research data does ... I took the question to Facebook.

Surprisingly, it wasn't a hot dog "specialty" place that took first place, that spot went to Chico's Tacos.

Who Makes The Best Hot Dogs In El Paso?

It was a three way tie for second place and only 1 of those 3 is actually a hot dog stand. Costco, their nemesis, Sam's Club, and Wienerschnitzel each came in 2nd.

See a few others in the pic ...


What About Hot Dogs Outside El Paso?

As for the places that are hot dog based, Andele's Dog House in Mesilla came up, as did Taza Dog and El Doggy. (I must admit, Doggy looks pretty good.)

My radio brother "Super" Mario voted twice. When it comes to voting, as is the case with his hot dogs, he can't have just one. He went with El Doggy in Horizon and J Dogs on Eastlake.

Jessica Jones brought up one we no longer have, Chicago Street Food. That place totally rocked. The memory of those chili dogs alone is making me hungry...

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