Biscochos are actually Mexican "wedding cookies" but they have somehow become a Christmas staple for many families, Hispanic or not.

It's a Borderland thing so even El Pasoans with no Hispanic ties at all are getting in on this delicious tradition.

The cookie itself is pretty simple to make. You just mix up some baking powder, salt, cinnamon, ginger, shortening, eggs, sugar, vanilla, anise and either wine, orange juice or water. (See exactly how to do that here.)

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There are always those little "in's and out's" that every baker, professional or otherwise, has that make things unique. I'm a cinnamon nut so, going way heavy on the cinnamon will get you my vote.

Not every family has a designated baker and some that do, don't have one that knows how to make these tasty little fellas so, here are my top 3 places to buy them.

  • Bowie Bakery, 901 S. Park. These guys tend to make everyone's "best of" list when it comes to sweets and their reputation is well earned.
  • Supreme Bakery, 10180 McCombs. A true Northeast gem. I've always lived out in the Northeast part of town so, I discovered Supreme quite awhile back.
  • Valentines Bakery, 11930 Picasso Dr.  I went there because of the reputation they have for burritos. From there, I discovered the sweets.

There are bakeries all over town and great bakers in most every family. Those are a few places to get you started though, just in case you don't have a biscocho handy.

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