On Monday, Forbes Mexico ran an exclusive piece on one of the owners of FC Juarez of Liga BBVA MX & El Paso Locomotive FC of the USL-Championship, Alejandra de la Vega. The story focuses mostly on the topic of women in sports and ties it in with what her experience has been and the road she has traveled to get to the position she is in as one the owners of two soccer clubs.

The article opens with her stating that she feels there has been important strides being made to get more women involved in Mexican soccer and the advancement is “significant”. From the recently formed women’s league (Liga Femenil BBVA MX), to female assistant referees for men’s matches, to other positions in Liga MX front offices.

The article acknowledges her history as an extremely successful business woman who has gone on to run her family's business empire and also reports her college education.

FC Juarez.
FC Juarez.

De la Vega candidly speaks about her experiences and herself, acknowledging that her success in the world of business she has had to apply her values and to never abandon any established objectives.

She describes herself by saying, “I am a very stubborn woman, very persistent, everyone fails at one point in life, but it is very important to learn from that, make a profound reflection. Doing this will allow you to succeed afterwards in other ventures.”

The article makes mention of how Liga BBVA MX and USL Championship team owner holds to the comments and lessons her father, the late Federico de la Vega made and instilled in her during her youth, which included for her to never compromise her values.

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Duke Keith

It is also reported that her adventure as an owner of FC Juarez has been very tough and intense, yet the objectives remain including for the Bravos to be the champions of Mexican soccer.

The piece concludes with her acknowledgement that a soccer team provides so much more than just entertainment for the city it is located in. It ends with her stating, “We firmly believe sport franchises should always be active in the community that help improve the quality of life. I am very passionate about soccer, but firmly believe that the objective of my team(s) extends and goes well beyond the field of play.”

(Note: FC Juarez ownership group is composed of 5 families in which Alejandra de la Vega is the majority owner. El Paso Locomotive FC is owned by MountainStar Sports Group (MSSG) who is made up of 4 members, de la Vega is one of those members.)

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