Memorial Day weekend used to be the unofficial, official start to the summer but this year, nothing is normal. The coronavirus outbreak pretty much shut down any summer fun you might have been counting on this weekend. There is no Wet N Wild opening, parks are closed but you can use the walking paths, you can go to Transmountain State Park but you'll have to follow social distancing protocols. City and County officials would also like you to not go to each others houses in order to avoid being in small spaces.

Even though Memorial Day has become 3 day weekend to bring in the summer, there is an actual reason why we call it Memorial Day. This video is the reason. Charles Durning was an amazing, award winning actor who served in World War II. Durning was a 21-year-old infantryman when he was among the first wave of men to land on Omaha Beach on D Day. His description of that landing is devastating but something we need to hear to remember the fallen soldiers whom we honor on Memorial Day.

You will need to be ready to watch this clip. You'll be crying at the end, so have a box of Kleenex with you. Charles Durning went on to have an amazing life and career, and in every interview I've ever seen with him, he says the only reason why is because of the brave men who fought and died alongside him. We can never repay them but we can honor them properly on Memorial Day.

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