As the World Cup begins to unwind, we are now in July and entering the final phase of the tournament.  The semifinals will find itself with a five-time champion (Brazil), a three-time champion (Germany), a two-time champion (Uruguay), and Belgium.  The match-ups include a rematch of the Korea/Japan 2002 final (Brazil vs Germany) that could more than live up to what will be a much-hyped match, and two small countries looking to advance and take on one of the big boys.

Uruguay is also looking for history to repeat itself-- they won in 1950, the last time Brazil was the host.  Belgium to make history period.  They would probably become one of the smallest countries to win it all, and they would become the first European nation to win in the Americas.  Who will win and face-off for the World Cup trophy and who will play for third place?  Let's look at the games and see who has the advantage.

Brazil vs Germany-  Brazil comes in looking to add to their record number of titles, making it six triumphs.  As hosts they have a clear home-field advantage.  Neymar, Oscar, David Luiz all give the Brazilians a great shot at getting them into the final and win the whole tournament.  In the Germans, defenses have to worry about Reus, Klose, Schweinsteiger, Ozil, and Muller.  Joachim Low has his German side ready to finally make the jump to the final, and possibly become the first European team to win in the whole thing in the Western Hemisphere.  Both squads will get at least one regulation goal and head into extra time.  The Germans will then find themselves scoring the decisive goal in extra time and advance to the final.  The hosts will head to the third place match.

Uruguay vs Belgium-  The match pitting two of the smaller countries-- in size anyway-- in the tournament.  Forlan, Suarez, and Cavani bring the punch for Uruguay.  Hazard,  Lukaku, and Chistian Benteke provide it for Belgium.  While Belgians had a huge upset in defeating Argentina to get here, they may not be able to do so against a nation on a mission.  While Suarez has made some poor choices in the past, he has also been one of the hottest players this past year.  Suarez could find himself celebrating the Ball d'Or Player of the Year award.  He could be leading his country's selection to their first world title since 1950-- ironically also in Brazil.  A pair of Suarez goals will lead Uruguay to the 2-1 victory, setting up Uruguay vs Germany for all the marbles.

Third Place Match:  Brazil vs Belgium

Championship:  Uruguay vs Germany