Welcome to another edition of Deep Dish Sports with the Iceman Brandon Cohn.

Today's show includes a discussion with UTEP football coach Sean Kugler on what it has been like to transition from the NFL to college football.

We also talk about his feelings on being the head coach of the collegiate team which he played for.

We break down the 2013 Miners defense and offense, as well as discuss the spring game.

Finally, we talk about what his goals are for 2013, what he thinks his impact will be on the team, and what it was like to coach the Steelers offensive line in Super Bowl XLV.

My special thanks to UTEP football coach Sean Kugler for joining me on today's show.

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Here is Deep Dish Sports with the Iceman and Coach Kugler.

"I really truly do take it one day at a time, and tomorrow we'll try to get better at something else.  Looking down the line or predicting wins, you'll never hear that from me, all I'm going to do is say that tomorrow we are going to better than we were today."


"Football is a very disciplined game and games come down to the 4th quarter and discipline, wins in the 4th quarter, it has to be established early in every program not just ours.  We have a certain way that we are going to do it and hopefully that's a way that helps us win games."


"I really treated it like another game, but when you get into it and you see the crowd and everything the magnitude of it is a lot.  It really doesn't sink in until quite some time after the game what that game really is."



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