I'm finally off the Michael Vick bandwagon. I have to admit, it was a fun ride and the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback gave the football world a memorable comeback season. But sometimes, all good things have to come to an end sooner or later. For Philly fans, it was Sunday's Divisional Playoff loss to Green Bay. In fairness to Vick, he was playing with a quad injury the last few weeks of the season. His top wide receiver, DeSean Jackson was also hurting with a knee injury. To make matters worse, the usually reliable David Akers missed two field goals, including a chip shot in the 4th quarter. Despite all of these factors, Vick had the Eagles in position to win the game with under a minute left in regulation. That's when Packers cornerback Tramon Williams leaped in front of Riley Cooper for the game-saving interception. Game over. Season over.

Now, the big question in Philly will be whether the Eagles resign Vick and make him their franchise quarterback or give Kevin Kolb the chance to develop into that player. As much as I love Vick and his talents on the field, I think the Eagles have to go with Kolb. He's younger, more affordable, and deserves a chance to prove he can lead the Eagles to the playoffs. As great a comeback story as Michael Vick was this season, what good is it if you lose in the first round of the NFL Playoffs? All that great play wasted with the loss and the pick to Williams. If the Eagles pass on Vick, he will still make a fortune in free agency. There are plenty of teams in the NFL that could use his services: Carolina, Denver, Buffalo, Minnesota, Arizona, San Francisco, and Washington just to name more than a few.