There have been some great tag teams in professional wrestling over all the years of the profession.  I am going to list my top ten teams.  Let's begin with number ten.

After an amateur run wresting for the University of Michigan, The Steiner Brothers moved on to make quite a successful run in professional wrestling.  Rick and Scott went on to win 11 World Tag Team Chanpionships and one United States Tag Team Championship.  The Steiners are one of only two teams to win the WWF/E, WCW, and IWGP Tag Team Titles in their careers-- they are the only team to do so before WWF purchased WCW.

In 1988, the Steiners joined World Championship Wrestling. They won the National Wrestling Alliance tag titles in 1990, defeating the Midnight Express.  After WCW left the NWA, the Steiners went on to become WCW Tag Team Champs.  They stayed on with WCW until 1992.

In 1992, the Steiners moved on and joined World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment.  During their run with WWE, the Steiners were pushed using their amateur backgrounds at the University of Michigan-- even using Michigan's Fight Song as their entrance music and wearing Michigan-inspired attire to the ring.  They would defeat the Beverlies at the 1993 Royal Rumble and beat the Head Shrinkers at Wrestlemania IX.

They began a feud with Money Inc. At the 1993 King of the Ring, they teamed with the Smoking Gunns to defeat the Headshrinkers and Money Inc.  The next night on Monday Night Raw, the Steiners would beat Money Inc. for the WWF Tag Titles.

After trading the titles with Money Inc at a pair of house shows, they successfully defended their titles over the Heavenly Bodies at SummerSlam.  They would also defend their titles against the Quebecers in a "Province of Quebec Rules" match-- where they could lose their titles by disqualification.  The match ended when Johnny Polo, the Quebecers manager, threw a hockey stick into the ring that was caught by Scott.  Upon seeing Scott holding the stick, the referee disqualified the Steiners and awarded the championship to the Quebecers.

The Steiners would join Lex Luger and the Undertaker at Survivor Series and entered the Royal Rumble match before leaving the WWF.  They would join Extreme Championship Wrestling in 1995.  They had a small stint in ECW before returning to their roots of WCW.

Upon their return to WCW in 1996, they would feud with the Road Warriors and the team of Lex Luger and Sting before winning the WCW Tag Team Championship from Harlem Heat.  Around 1997, Scott returned from an injury in 1997 with his mullet gone and a much bigger physique than before-- he also sported a goatee.  The Steiners began a feud with the Outsiders team of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.  During tag team matches, Scott would refuse to tag in his brother Rick-- his antics often also distracting the referee.  This dissension eventually cost the Steiners the tag titles.  The end of their run came at SuperBrawl VIII when after Rick knocked Nash and Hall out of the ring, he ran around the ring barking-- as was his trademark-- and Scott entered to "celebrate" with him but actually attacked him and allowed the Outsiders to gain the victory.  Scott then handed the belts to Nash and Hall, ending his partnership with Rick and joining the New World Order faction.

The Steiners would team up again until 2006 with United Wrestling Federation.  They would reunite again from 2007 to 2008 with Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling. They would team up two more, first at a House of Hardcore event and then at the American Pro Wrestling Alliance.  That was the last time they would ever team up and wrestle together.

Steiner Brothers vs The Road Warriors