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Sports Talk Rewind: Mayor John Cook 07/09/12 [AUDIO]
Mayor John Cook came on today to talk about the comments he made in El Paso Inc. about the new downtown ballpark.
The Mayor does not disappoint when it comes to quotes.
"If there was a quality of life issue, we would go to the voters and ask them."
Below is th...
Sports Talk Rewind: Bud Collins 07/09/12 [AUDIO]
It was a pleasure today to have tennis commentating legend, Bud Collins, on Sports Talk!
Mr. Collins talked about Roger Federer, Serena Williams and much more!
"Murray was left in tears. He thought he had a great chance, which he did. But Federer w...
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 06/14/12 [AUDIO]
Happy US Open to everyone!!
What a fantastic sports Thursday! I am so glad you took a time out to join me, 'On The Sidelines'!!
Tonights show topics include: The US Open, Matt Cain's no-no, Euros 2012 and Sports Talk had great guests in studio today...
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 03/15/12 [AUDIO]
There was no Sports Talk today but there is an 'On The Sidelines' episode!
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Show topics for tonight: March Madness is finally here, NBA trade deadline and NFL Free Agency,
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