Bob Costas Has A Serious Case Of Pinkeye
It started with one eye on the first day of Olympic coverage and everyone wondered, "What the hell is wrong with Bob's eye?".
Then today poor Bob went on the air with both eyes infected with pinkeye. Having had pinkeye I can tell you that it sucks...
Only Mishap In Olympic Opening Ceremony?
In what has been said was a nice Opening Ceremony at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, it seems this light malfunction it the only big blunder that occured.
It seems that five smaller lights were to expand to the Olympic symbol but it didn't happen and the picture you see was the end result...
The sexiest winter olypic athletes.
The XXII Winter Olympic games are finally here!  This year brings some of the finest athletes in the world to Sochi, Russia.  Here is an entertaining video to get everyone excited about the games and some of the most beautiful female athletes that will be competing in Sochi this month...
Best Olympic Coats Ever?
Team USA just released the image of the metal stand coats for the Sochi Olympic games in 2014. The colors of the letters on the back change with the movement of the athlete.